Current line up from left to right: Jean-Christopher Gorce, John Kleemeier, Patrick Hume, and Matt Milligan.

Current line up from left to right: Jean-Christopher Gorce, John Kleemeier, Patrick Hume, and Matt Milligan.

New Release: Best of - Volume Two

Label: Last Horizon Audio

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Analog Cannibal’s newest release is truly genre jumping. From the progesque “K427” (by classical composer Scarlatti) to the 70’s rock “Ancient Temple” and “Sex, Drugs, and Flossing Regularly” or the ambient binaural synth music of “Arecibo Message” and “Space Weather,” Analog Cannibal takes the listener through a variety different styles on their latest 10 song release “Best of - Volume Two.”

The album is a follow up to their similar 2015 release “Best of - Volume One.” Both albums contain songs written in 2014 by Patrick Hume as part of his song a week series (whereas Hume wrote and recorded a song a week and released it serially on his website). “Best of”, Volumes One & Two, are a collection of some of those songs. Not just a solo act, Analog Cannibal is a band of musicians playing shows supporting the release of the upcoming “Best of - Volume Two” available Nov 9th for streaming and on limited edition compact disc.


bio: About Analog Cannibal

Patrick Hume (Louisville, KY) started a website called in the summer of 2014, where he released a weekly serialized collection of songs written and recorded by Hume.

By June of 2015 Patrick had over 50 songs under his belt and had put together a band to play these tunes live. The result was the first Analog Cannibal release, a CD called “Best of - Volume One,” which is a collection of 11 songs from the website. This was the first of 3 releases with the record label Little Heart Records.

After playing a handful of shows, Analog Cannibal immediately released the “Tee Shirt EP” in August 2015. An example of Hume’s fascination with connecting music to inanimate objects, “Tee Shirt EP” is a tee shirt which also contains a download code for a 4 song EP.

As the band continued to form and evolve with a few line up changes, a third release by Analog Cannibal “Ohm: music for meditation” was distributed as a poster featuring the work of artist James R Southard. This poster is also sold with a download code to a full length of long form improvisation ambient music set to different binaural beats.

It has been a couple of years since the release of 2016’s “Ohm: music for meditation,” in that time Hume founded the recording studio Last Horizon Audio and Analog Cannibal continued to play with a rotating cast of musicians. Sadly, in the fall of 2016, owner Bryan Puckett of Little Heart Records passed away. This affected many people in the Louisville music scene, as a result, it took another year or so before Patrick decided to put out the latest release himself on the newly formed label Last Horizon Audio.

Analog Cannibal is Patrick Hume with the help of musicians Jean-Christopher Gorce (guitar/keys/trumpet), Matt Milligan (bass), and John Kleemeier (drums); Analog Cannibal is currently playing shows promoting “Best of - Volume Two” set for release Nov.9th.


Local Buzz

Helmed by Patrick Hume of Lords, Piss Alley, and a ton of other bands, this is not what you’d expect. There is almost a Vangelis kind of vibe to a lot of the songs on the EP. There isn’t anything rowdy or table-flipping about this, as I would have at one point expected of Hume. Clearly there is a lot of krautrock in the DNA here, with a sound that is like Tangerine Dream or Cluster meets Pink Floyd. Or maybe even a little Faust.
— Never Nervous
Kids these days. What will they think of next? The thing is, Analog Cannibal makes music that lives up to that innovation by creating music that refuses to be labeled, comprised of sounds that are sometimes difficult to identify, but fun to listen to.
— Syd Bishop, Leo Weekly